Friday, April 26, 2013

Hello there.  I'm typing this basically one handed seeing that I finally broke down and had carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand.  So, large bulky dressing in place and instructions to limit use and not lift anything heavier than a phone for 2 weeks makes life with the littles interesting for me and upsetting to the Hubs.

About the Hubs, he's been a trooper these last 3 days.    Bringing home supper, showering with the boys, and doing all the heavy lifting is taking it's toll.  He's also been in charge of all threatening of bodily harm to the littles and subsequent punishments if they don't "straighten up and knock it off!"  He's tired.  Falling asleep in his chair tired.  We were blessed with horrible sleepers.  Thing 1 is the child that fights sleep with all his might.  Stumbling around, packing every toy he can carry into the living room, crying at the least little thing, refusing to be held, running from you and trying to wake his brother up is a near nightly occurrence.  This is practically our routine.   Thing 2 is the child who will go to sleep without problem, but doesn't stay that way.  And once he's back to sleep, his normal wake up time is around 0530.  So good times for all in our house.  I'm usually the night time person who gets up and sits in the chair with the boys until they fall back to sleep and I drag their 30-33lbs selves back to bed, but no lifting means the Hubs has to get up and get them back to sleep or carry them to bed for me.  

I've actually left them sleeping where they drop the last few nights.  In the chair, on the couch, on the floor; it doesn't matter to me.  I wiggle my way out and head back to bed knowing they know where to find us.  It's hard to hide from a screaming 2 year old.  

This blog is actually a thank you to my husband.  He's a great dad and a good husband and I don't let him know it enough.  Even if he did tell me after surgery that the doctor had said this surgery is "no excuse for her to shirk her responsibilities and there's no reason she can't change diapers, cook, and clean as normal."

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Did I just say that?

Every mom out there has a list.  Of the things she can't believe she just said.  Things that she never dreamed she would ever have to say.  Things that don't make sense in a normal world, but seem to be the norm when you've got kids.

I, of course, have used more curse words since my kids have become mobile than I possibly used in my life up until that point - and I have a horrible potty mouth in the confines of my home or car.  There is something about the unwitnessed shattering of glass or shrieks of pain that call for an "Oh fuck."  But those words don't go on "the list." 

The List is for things you have to say to your kids because they are new to the whole being a person thing and don't know the proper etiquette or procedure to get through life.  Or sometimes, it's for things you say to them because they just don't know better and you are trying to save them some pain. 

I'm just going to throw some out there, I'd love to hear other peoples.

-Do not pinch your wiener with kitchen tongs.

- Get your foot out of the dog's water.

-Why did you dip your shoe in the dog water?

-Where did you find that donut?  No, do not eat it!

-Wipe boogers on mommy or daddy, don't eat them.

-Do not hit your brother in the head with a bucket.

-We don't touch poop.  No, just leave it on the floor,      
mommy will get it.  No, don't bring it to me; I will be there, let me get a wipe.

-Leave on your diaper!  

-Is there a diaper under those pants?  (This one was followed by Thing 2 pulling his pj's down so I could see his wiener and laughing as he ran away.)

-Put the carrots back in the fridge!  No, do not touch the eggs.  NO EGGS!  

-The closet is not for peeing.  

-We don't push our brother.  Do not push your brother when he is on the steps.  Why are you trying to kill your brother?

-Don't drink the water in the bath tub.  

-Where are your socks?  Why is there a sucker between your toes? (This one is always in the car.)

-Don't chase your brother with you mouth open. (And by open mouth I mean full on, bared teeth because I'm going to chomp you open.)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Long Distance Family

I am a midwest transplant.  I grew up in the "upper South."  The Appalachian region of Kentucky.  I met a Nebraska native, fell in love, and we moved around a bit before finally settling an hour from his hometown in Nebraska.  We have been here for almost 5 years.

He has a large family and except for one uncle they all still live close by.  Holidays are a blast with a ton of little cousins playing together.  The boys have grandparents and great grandparents that they see regularly and that they adore.  Thing 1 is know to randomly say,"Grandma nice" pretty often.  They get excited when we pull in their driveways.  

I'm thankful that the boys have family that loves them close by.  

Then there is my family.  All back in Kentucky.  A very long 18 hour drive away.  We've been there twice since the boys were born.  At 6 months and at 15 months old we made the drive to visit.  The first time we were there, Thing 1 got a horrible ear infection and we had to scramble to find a pediatrician.  The second  trip the boys overwhelmed my parents with their incredible energy and activity level.  

Despite that less than stellar visit, I love my family and Need to see them at least once a year.  The boys are now 27 months old and we have not been back.  It's been over a year since I've laid eyes on my family.   Of course I talk to my mom (and even my dad occasionally) on the phone a few times a week.  And I don't want to move back there.  I just want my boys to know their "other" grandparents.

I just had a long, scary few days and my first real experience of the helplessness of being so far away.  My dad had some surgery and even though it went great, it was still fairly serious and very stressful.  And just drives home the fact that my boys are growing up  and don't have any idea that they have another set of grandparents.  The boys talk to my mom on the phone and love to say "hi grandma," but I don't kid myself into thinking that they know it's not the hub's mom.   

I'm really just saying that no one should take family for granted.  Those of you who have parents and grandparents close by who love your kids and are thrilled to watch them sometimes, consider yourselves incredibly fortunate.   

Friday, April 5, 2013

How fast they grow up

My babies are no longer babies.  Yes, they still cry for a "baba" at bedtime and want mommy to hold them as they go to sleep, but they are little boys now and my heart is breaking.

I'm working evening again this week and have had daycare drop off duty.  I'm lucky to get a backward glance when we get to the play area.  This morning one little girl immediately says hi to Thing 1 and comes over to tickle him while I'm taking his jacket off.  Does my baby have a girlfriend?

Thing 2 was already over at a table playing with the older kids by the time I had hung up jackets.  No kiss for mommy, no bye bye.  I was left hanging.  

I want my boys to be independent.  I know this is the time when they start asserting their Independence, but sometimes I miss those tiny little bundles of smooshy, sweet smelling baby.  I miss watching them tucked into their bouncy chairs sleeping, I miss the days when I could corral them in a jumper or a pack and play and know they would be safe.  

I know that this is how things are supposed to be.  They are going to grow up and that's ok, I just never thought it would happen so fast.  I love them more than I ever thought I could love anything in this world and I just want to keep them little and safe and close to me.